Coin Racks and Coin Vaults Proudly Display Your Custom Coins!

Coin Racks and Coin Vaults
December 29th, 2011

Solid Wood Coin Racks

Designed and made in the USA!

From the first coin you received, one of your first thoughts was probably how do I display such a great memento from my service, department, friend, colleague etc. Well, we think we have a few options that will showcase your collection in a way that will make you proud! For your own collection or as a gift for someone that collects coins our coin racks are the perfect solution. If you want to give one of your special coins as a gift – our coin vaults are 2nd to none! See for yourself exactly

Coin Racks:

Our coin racks are Made in the USA and feature all natural hardwoods and finishes. From our 25 coin rack all the way up to our monster 120 coin rack we have you covered! Custom sizes and finishes also available, Check our store for current prices. Wholesale inquiries also welcome.

Coin Vaults:

We wanted a way to showcase coins that would stand out from any other single or double display out there…and we think we did it! Our coin vaults cradle your coin in between 3 layers of acrylic with and a total thickness of over 1/2″, allen bolts securely hold your coin(s) in place…we also designed our vaults to highlight both sides of your coin so there is no wondering what the “other” side looks like. Our double vault displays both the front and back at the same time. We can also custom make these in an configuration and size (certain minimums apply). These make a perfect gift and are sure to be the highlight of anyone’s collection!