Critical Incident Bears The Perfect Quick Gift

Critical Incident Bears
February 10th, 2012

Need something in a hurry? Are you looking to be able at a moment’s notice to sooth a shaken child…look no further – Kid friendly beanie type bears in assorted colors Pink (Faith), White (Hope), Royal Blue (Strength), Red (Courage) and Grey(Hero) with various inspirational embroidered sayings and hang tags that explain what each embroidered word means.

They are very cool, cost effective and can easily be carried in the trunks of cruisers and handed out in the community.

Critical Incident Bears can be purchased in cases of 60 pieces (12 of each color.) Cost per bear is $2.00 and includes shipping! Try some out today!

And yes, we can customize these as well…create your own design, hang tags…yep that and more!

Contact us today to see exactly what we can do…which is pretty much whatever you want!