HeroBears Our Signature Product

July 1st, 2012

When you look at all the ways that your department or agency can fund raise, or for products that can be branded with your Department, Badge or Patch, it can be tough to choose. There are literally thousands of them and even more ideas out there. The question is: What works? What has a PROVEN track record and continues to sell year after year and represents your department well and replicates your details in perfect detail … there is only one and it is HEROBEARS!

Our Custom designed Teddy Bear is approximately 8″ high and comes in 4 different colors – Light Brown, Chocolate Brown, Snow White and Pink (custom colors and patterns can also be made) Incredibly cute and huggable, each one is hand sewn and has there own personality – no two are exactly alike!

This is where the “typical” Teddy bear idea ends. We take our bear and completely customize it with YOUR details. Look through our gallery and you will notice the bears you see are all different. The uniforms and colors match the pictured department. The patch or flashes are painstakingly replicated in miniature to about the size of a US Nickel. The Badges are nearly as detailed as a full size badge just smaller!

Do your pants have pockets? Cargo or BDU’s … we do that too! Stripe on pants? Yep! Belt…What kind do you want? Leather style or web, gold or silver belt buckle – oh yeah, they work too! Working metal hand Cuffs…yep we can do that as well! Want to name your Bear like “LAPD HERO” printed above the right chest – no problem … that is included in our “standard” package. Have an unusual uniform color? We can match it. Have another idea … odds are we can create it. From Standard uniforms, Tactical, Air Support, Bomb Squad, K9, Honor Guards or Special Units, what are we missing? We can replicate almost any uniform in incredible detail from nearly any agency in the WORLD!!! We will work with you to create a bear that you and your department will be proud of … and don’t forget the goal: To RAISE money!

There are many reasons that departments/agencies buy from us, but probably the biggest reason is they SELL and A LOT, year after year! You might ask why they sell so well? The simple answer is our HeroBears are so successful because they are instantly recognizable as your department in the community. Check out our gallery and see for yourself! Just imagine walking into your bank or credit union and seeing these on the counter for sale with the proceeds going back to the department. These are not just a generic Teddy Bear with a T-shirt (although we make those too happy face) We will show you how to get these funded and show you some very easy ways to make sure they are a success for your department – click on our help you sell tips for a few Incredible ideas – that are easy to implement!

If you have an idea we missed, let us know … we can create just about anything you can think of in plush -mascots, corporate logos, branded ideas to name just a few!