Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I find a price list?

A: Because the majority of our products are so customized, we have to price each order individually according to the options chosen for your order. If you would like a quote please send us an email and we find out your details and get a quote for you.

Q: What is a “Hang Tag?”

A: We refer to a hang tag as the round tag we attach to your custom plush item. It is typically located on the left ear of a K9 Hero or a HeroBear. This hang tag is a marketing piece and is fully custom and designed by you. It is where you put sponsor, department, organization or beneficiary information. If you would like examples of hang tags, send us an email and we’ll be happy to send you samples.

Q: Can I get just one custom item?

A: Because of all the details and work that goes into a custom order, there are minimum order quantities associated. We do have some stock items available. We do have a few ways to offer a “semi-custom” item for you if you cannot meet the minimum requirement. Call or email for details. We will always do our best to offer up an idea to get you what you want.

Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A: Your order delivery can take a while. Once all of the artwork pieces, samples, swatches, prototypes are approved, they will be sent to production and take 4-6 weeks for final assembly and another 4 weeks for shipping. The faster we get your order approved, the sooner we can get it delivered, but custom designs can be a lengthy process…Challenge coins, pins and our stock items are MUCH faster…rush orders are available, so call and let’s figure out what we can do!

Q: Can I get one that looks like MY dog?

A: We have a select amount of K9’s we use regularly. We do have the ability to create a custom plush piece to match a particular mascot or animal, but a fully brand new item is subject to larger minimums. Please give us a call to discuss your wishes and we will get a prototype started.

Q: How will I know what it’s going to look like?

A: With each step of your custom order, we will send proofs for approval before moving forward to production. We want you to be happy and will not move to production with your approval.

Q: How can I find a sponsor?

A: Many Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Agents or local Lawyers are eager to support a good cause. By offering to put marketing information on your hang tag, you may be able to get your entire order sponsored and have 100% of the proceeds for your cause. Email today for a full list of helpful hints on sales and funding.

Q: Why don’t you have a “________” Bear or dog?

A: All of our orders are custom designed for our clients, so if you want a particular department or industry type that you don’t see, chances are we haven’t had the opportunity to make one yet. Please send us your requests and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Q: What do you charge for Dies?

A: As a general rule all of our dies are included in the price of the coin and they are good for life!

Q: What does it cost for artwork and/or proofs?

A: All Artwork and revisions are included at no charge with every order…and at the end of the process you own your artwork…we do not charge you for what is yours.

Q: Do you have minimums on Challenge Coins?

A: We don’t have minimums on coins but usually 100 is the smallest number that makes financial sense, but we will run any number you want…and after the dies are finished you can re-order as few as 2.