High-Quality Custom Plush Toys For Sale

Custom Plush & Stuffed Toys Directly Manufactured By Hero Industries

Have you ever wanted to create a custom stuffed animal or custom plush mascot but had no idea where to start?

You don’t have to look any further – just let us show you what we can do for you! We’ve worked with a whole range of companies and helped them with memorable custom plush toys – ranging from startups to some of the largest brands in the world. What we bring to the table is over 25 years of design and manufacturing expertise. We have created some of the coolest plush items you will ever see and what gets us excited is being able to offer this service to anyone who is interested in a unique custom plush toy.

Let our talented designers take your mascot logo, pet or idea and transform the idea into a plush product you will be honored to call your own.  Our minimums are some of the smallest (if not the smallest) in the industry. To make things more straightforward and clearer and to also stand behind our work we do not charge design or prototype fees.

You can rest assured that we’ll be able to handle the smallest production runs all the way up to multiple factory projects including items such as (but not limited to):

  • Accessories
  • Custom Clothing
  • Voice Chips
  • …and more!

We can even include corresponding story books, can help tackle your packaging, and if you need help with it, we can even help with logistics as well.

Aside from being able to create any custom plush toy that meets your designs, we’ve worked with several federal organizations and have some very specific custom plush products that may meet one of your needs. These products under our custom plush umbrella include:

  • Custom K9 Heroes

    – K9s are used for various purposes in several organizations including police and sheriff departments, fire departments, and more. What better way to honor their service and keep them in our hearts than to create a lookalike custom K9 plush toy!

  • HeroBears

    – Honor a hero in your department by creating an incredibly cute and huggable teddy bear hero version of them. We match every little detail to ensure that everyone will recognize the hero by looking at the HeroBear.

  • HeroHorses

    – Horses are still used for various purposes in several organizations in this day and age as well. Similar to a custom K9 hero, honor the horse in your department with a HeroHorse!

  • FireHeroes

    – Honor a hero in your fire department by having one of our custom plush FireHeroes created. We’ll match various parts of the outfit to the exact detail so everyone will recognize your FireHero!

  • Tactical Teddies

    – You may be honoring someone who is out in the field and prepared for action. In that case, one of our Tactical Teddies may be the perfect match to fit the personality of the hero you’re trying to honor!

  • HospitalHeroes

    – a product we’re looking to release soon to honor first responders in the healthcare industry that have and continue to work so hard to keep everyone happy and healthy!

Reach out to us today to discuss your specific project – in the meantime take a look at a few of our special projects and original designs in our gallery!