• Military Challenge Coins For Sale

    Military challenge coins each tell a unique story. Some commemorate the camaraderie between soldiers, while others recognize the sacrifice and bravery displayed during missions. These coins feature distinctive designs, with the front typically engraved with military insignia, flags, or symbolic motifs, and the back potentially showcasing mission details and the soldier’s personal accolades.

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What started in the military over a century ago during World War I, challenge coins are still in use all around the world today. Members of all branches of the Armed Services and foreign militaries worldwide have had a long-standing tradition to carry military challenge coins that not only symbolize unit identity and brotherhood but now have evolved into far more than just a mark of representation. Originally used to prove a pilot’s identity behind enemy lines, the military challenge coin’s application expanded beyond that pretty quickly. It’s been used not only on the field and in the line of duty but now serves as a reward, an award, a corporate identifier, and as a morale-building tool for heroes who risk their lives to protect their country and those who are a part of it.