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What our customers say!

Cornwall Police Dept“The Herobear fund raising program has provided the Cornwall Police Service with a unique way of connecting with our community and at the same time raise money which is given back to various community groups. members of our community have embraced the Herobear program greatly. A Herobear provides the purchaser with a souvenir of the Cornwall Police, and the Cornwall Police Association has used the money raised from the sale of Herobears to support several worthy causes. Local elementary schools received money in order to buy healthy snacks for the students so that no student will go without a healthy snack each day. Money has also been donated to high schools which was used to print pamphlets and provide presentation to students on how to recognize and deal with teen depression. A donation was also made to the therapy dog program which brings dogs and handlers into retirement residences and provides interaction and comfort to senior citizen lining at the retirement home.”

“As you can see the rewards for participating in the Herobear program are endless for your police service and the communities we serve.”

“Thanks to all the people at Hero Industries for taking the time to make sure that every detail of our Herobear was just like a patrol officer’s uniform right down to each detail of our badge.”

-Sgt. Dave Michaud, Cornwall Community Police Service, Canada

“Not only a big hit with our department, but were also a big hit with our citizens!”


“It is great partnerships with stakeholders like Herobears that are the true essence of community policing and enables the Los Angeles police department to provide service to our communities citywide.”

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“Herobears are a perfect fundraiser for any organization and a wonderful tribute to the law enforcement community.”

“The detail and workmanship was amazing! The Herobears were by far our best fundraiser that we have ever had, they sell themselves! Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office F.O.P. Lodge 155 highly recommends Herobears and streamline sales!”

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“Fantastic product and great service, we constantly get compliments from our clients!”

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“Please extend our heartfelt thanks for a job well done to your entire staff, and try to convey to them what these tokens of loyalty, tradition, and honor mean to a team like mine, and the gratitude we have to you for concretizing our values in a tangible artifact that can be presented and given to those we want to bond with. this is a process of no small significance in the life-and death struggle to preserve our nation. esprit de corp is integral to the success of such teams; you have contributed to our mission. Please let everyone on your staff know that. Boutez en avant!”

“Our Herobears sold like wildfire! Thank you for a job well done!”

“For a small unit that is trying to conduct fundraiser, the coin you made was ideal to make a reasonable profit for our unit fund. The Fresno Police Department air support unit/skywatch has and will continue to refer your company to others that are interested in conducting business with you. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you.”

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“Thank you for all your diligence … working through the holiday weekend to make sure we received our coins!”

“I have been fundraising for over 20 years for our department and special olympics…I have never seen anything like Herobears…we are on our 5th order! They may take a while … but well worth the wait!”

“Hey Michelle! We got ‘em and they do look great. The chief was very happy with the way they came out. Thank you again for all of your help and for making it all so easy. Merry Christmas from the Prince George County, Virginia, Police Department!”

“John – The challenge coins are amazing! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.”

“The guys have been down to our police force attestation parade this morning – we have 400 new police officers being sworn in and sold 300 hero bears in 45 minutes. I think we may be ordering more before the end of the year!”

“I’m excited, bears have arrived! I opened the box and automatically sold two! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

“Please extend our gratitude for a job well done to your entire staff. Hero Industries has designed three coins for our department, and we have had nothing but great compliments on all coins. This is a direct result of your staff willing to provide the best quality and satisfaction to your costumers. We will continue to use Hero Industries in the future as well as refer others to a great company as yours. Thank you Hero Industries.  ”